Rebel With A Cause

I woke up this morning and told Weakness to fuck off.

Time for some adventure, though I know I’ll pay the cost.

I’m not gonna listen when my body wants to quit.

I’m a damned good actress. And today, I’m playing “Fit.”

Push until my legs are leaden and my shoulders shake.

Push through shooting pain that comes with every step I take.

I’ll ignore The Urge To Stop and press on till the end,

sure I’ll miss in triplicate the energy I spend.

Focus on the atmosphere, not Physical Complaints.

I’ll do what they’ll do and I’ll not tolerate Restraints.

Come and get me later, Lactic Acid and Regret.

You will have me, true, but you may not come claim me yet.

Set up vigil, Sir Fatigue, and wait here if you must.

I am up and ready, and I feel downright robust!

All you bad guys go ahead and regroup while I’m gone.

But for now, no matter what, this bitch is moving on!


Look on the Bright Side


In a costly leather chair, I must accept my fate.

TV on the ceiling blaring; I sit here and wait.

Mom was right to tell me young to always floss and brush,

even if I haven’t slept and shower in a rush!

But I didn’t listen, so I sit and pay my dues,

leaving with a new toothbrush I know I’ll I never use….

Sure, I’m grateful you will give me shots of Novacaine,

nine or so to make me numb, to disregard my pain.

But what really makes me happy while you work a drill

is nitrous oxide from a tank. Just put it on my bill.

I’m already sending money till the day I die.

I could try to do without, but it makes time fly by!

Put a tiny mask around my nose, and make it tight!

Then I’ll open up my mouth, submit without a fight.

Take your evil instruments wrought from a horror flick,

then scrape and jab my teeth and gums with that big metal pick.

Blast me with that awful drill until I smell tooth burns,

while you work away and think “That girl! She never learns!”

Go ahead, while you’re up there, and set my hair aflame.

I will sit here patiently and won’t know you’re to blame.

Thanks for being liberal when turning up the gas.

I can easily remember that this, too, shall pass.

And for all the torture you’ve inflicted for today,

I will smile and thank you. Then I’ll pay! Pay! Pay!

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Our laughter is important to the world.

Some levity can save us from our lives.

So, cackle till your toes and hair have curled,

’cause roaring loudly keeps our hearts alive!

Just give an ardent har-dee-har each day,

and welcome chuckling in its many forms.

Howl out, and snort, and titter, come what may.

Then watch in wonder how your day transforms.

I crack-up, crow, and snicker while I can.

I let out peals of laughter, unrestrained.

I brush off gloom with which my day began,

discovering I feel the mirth I feigned.

So start and end each day with a guffaw,

and you’ll be glad, the lighter side, you saw.

My Window

looking out the window pane I see the falling snow

coming down in giant flakes in fields where grasses grow

safe and cozy in my home, I’m warm and feel content

satisfied with life today, no thing that I resent

I can just relax and breathe, no troubles to be found

but if they come I’ll smite them all and crush them on the ground

days like this remind me that I have an easy life

free of hunger, tyranny, or unremitting strife

separating me from things I never could control

like weather changes, traffic, or the rising price of coal

I polish up my window and step back to take it in

appreciating just how easy life for me has been

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