How I Know You Love Me


 It’s in the way you speak to me, the way you treat me right.

It’s in the way you smile to see my face at first daylight.

It’s in the way you care for me, support me everyday.

It’s in the things you say that bring me comfort, come what may.

It’s how you call out “Mar-co” when you look for me at home.

It’s how you smile when reading through another silly poem.

It’s all about your hips and bum, your shoulders…all so fine.

It’s how you like to getcha some, and make sure I get mine.

It’s all about the things you do that bring me to the brink.

It’s how I’m crashing overboard, all swollen, wet, and pink.

It’s how your fingers pet me, sending shivers down my spine.

It’s why you are The One For Me, and I’m your sweet frauline.

It’s in the way you research things to get us what is best.

It’s how the me-shaped nook is there between your arm and chest.

It’s how you sit so patiently and hear about my day.

It’s in the old and tired things you make fresh in some way.

Of all the men who’ll ever be, it’s always you I’ll choose,

to be my husband, my best friend, my captivating muse.

So how I know you love me, Love, is easy to divine.

They say “in vino veritas,” and you drink lots of wine.

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