Don’t Tell Me I’m Crazy

Don’t tell me I’m making it all up!

Don’t tell me that crazy’s how I seem!

Don’t tell me my symptoms don’t add up!

Don’t act like I just told you a dream!

No, I can’t locate the “source” of pain.

No, I didn’t hurt myself last night.

No, there’s not an allergy to blame.

No, don’t tell me everything’s alright.

Sigh. It’s not attention that I crave.

Sigh. I’d rather not be in a gown.

Sigh. It’s not that I just don’t behave.

Sigh. I don’t care you don’t like my frown.

Will you, once you know, apologize?

Will you tell me how you pegged me wrong?

Will you even try to empathize?

Will you say you’d guessed it all along?

See, my test results have proved my point?

See, I wasn’t making up a tale?

See, my blood and scans don’t disappoint?

See, it’s not my sanity that’s frail?

Maybe you should have yourself checked out.

Maybe you’re the one who’s lost his mind.

Maybe it’s your wisdom I should doubt.

Maybe you don’t understand my kind.

Where’d you go to get that nice degree?

Where’d you learn to treat a man that way?

Where’d you learn to let your mouth run free?

Where’d you learn the worst wrong things to say?

I think I want doctors who will trust.

I think your degree’s made you a snob.

I think I’ll move on, like we discussed.

I think you should find another job.


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